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Dr. Phoebe Chow is a licensed naturopathic doctor who has been in practice in Vancouver, BC since 1989. She obtained her B.Sc Honor degree in human physiology from the University of British Columbia and a B.A. degree in business administration from Simon Fraser University, and her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She has received further training and is certified in ozone therapy, prolozone pain treatment and chelation. Dr. Chow is also licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals.

With her experience in oxidative therapies and anti-aging medicine, she had been invited to write a number of articles. These include topics on ozone therapy which was published in Alive magazine (Oct, 1995 issue) and the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing in 1997, on 'Stem cell and anti-aging' in Vista magazine (36th issue) and on platelet rich plasma therapy in Health Action magazine (winter 2011 issue). She was also interviewed twice on a regional TV station, Fairchild TV in Vancouver, on the topic of naturopathic medicine. In 2013, a column was written in Canada's Vancouver Sun newspaper as well as a TV interview was aired in a program called "Empowered Health" on CHEK TV for her success story in chelation therapy.

With over 20 years of clinical practice, Dr. Chow and her well trained team have treated many clients both local and abroad with good results in many conditions ranging from allergies, arthritis and anti-aging to more serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions and cancer.

29 Years of Naturopathic Services

Who We Are

Our clinic is a 2,110 square feet is a medically advanced and professionally well equipped facility, providing naturopathic health care to local as well as international clients since 1989. We offer many unique testings and treatments to address the root causes of various illnesses in order to achieve a cure and an optimum level of health instead of just managing symptoms.

We are one of the first few naturopathic clinics that provide ozone therapy in Vancouver. We specialize in many intravenous therapies such as chelation, hydrogen peroxide, careseng, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, various vitamins/minerals/amino acid, placenta and homeopathic preparations.

We started a series of innovation treatments: autologous cellular and platelet rich plasma therapies. We extract bioactive cells and growth factors from venous blood for self therapy. The platelet rich plasma process concentrates mononucleated cells, fibrin and platelets. Because of its regenerative capacity of nucleated cells to renew, repair and regenerate tissues, together with the growth factors from platelets, they become a powerful and effective tool in the fields of degenerative diseases and regenerative medicine.

What They Say

I experienced right leg pain since 2007 from an injury because of lifting. There is severe spinal stenosis at L3-4 and L4-5 with disc degeneration. There was surgical fusion at L5-S1 in 1950’s. I could only walk 5 minutes and stretched and rubbed the right leg before I could walk another 5 minutes.

I came to Dr. Phoebe Chow and she injected my own growth factors extracted from my blood together with ozone into my lower back. Now I can walk over an hour with very little discomfort and more mobility. The treatment allows me to go back to doing the activities I formerly participated in walking, dancing and playing golf.

Harold AtkinsonSalt Spring Island, Canada

I had breast cancer and had lumpectomy but refused radiation, chemo and “hormone” therapy. I received IV injection for immune support, anti cancer (high dose Vitamin C, careseng, etc.), and chelation treatment to deal with underlying toxic load; and homeopathic remedies for emotional balancing.

I am cancer free with lots of energy & feel good.

Donna BeckerVancouver, Canada

I suffer from diverticulosis. My concerns are my gut & digestion. I was not dealing with the everyday stress in my life. I am learning to be more proactive about my busy lifestyle & diet.

Dr. Chow has been a continual source of guidance for me. She has treated me with much knowledge and kindness. I am most grateful for her support for my long term health.

She teaches me to be more disciplined about my lifestyle & eating regiment & building my immune sybioactive & try to live a more unstressed lifestyle everyday.

Gail BobroffVancouver, Canada

Because of my age and my level of work, I often feel tired and very weak. Also I don't sleep well at night, I often feel anxious and depressed. At the beginning, Dr. Chow did a health equation blood test for me. Based on the results, she recommended some treatments and supplements for me. Besides the treatments, her loving care and patience also helped me to heal both physically and emotionally. Every time I come into the clinic, I feel a warm welcoming. After taking natural hormone supplements, and receiving placenta and activated platelet injection treatments, I noticed my body is much healthier, having more energy than before, and feeling happier. Thank you Dr. Chow, it is she who helps me to have my life filled with joyfulness and youthfulness once again.

A miracle happened to me. I received a regeneration injection therapy with growth factors on my face. After one month, I began to notice about 80% of the wrinkles between my eyebrows has disappeared, half of the wrinkles beside the nose has slowly faded. My skin feels softer, finer and younger. My body is having more energy. For a 60 years old person, how this therapy helped me is unbelievable. I really have to thank Dr. Chow in offering this therapy. It is truly a blessing to me.

Suk Yin HoVancouver, Canada

I suffered from TIA/Stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

I received chelation and ozone treatment for two months, twice a week. I do follow up treatment every 6 weeks now.

The stroke affected my right side. Could not walk or speak well. Now I am walking on my own and speech is back thanks to Dr. Chow.

Ken HopenEdmonds, USA

I had been diagnosed with severe Ulcerated Colitis. I had no control over my bowels and I was prone to bowel spasms. I also developed severe skin problems over my entire body and I had lost over 60lbs in one year. I was listless, had low energy, and no social life. I had undergone numerous drug remedies that did not seem to work.

Dr. Chow diagnosed my health problem as Dysbiosis. I was given allergy tests, I avoided the foods that I was allergic to, took probiotics and nutriobiotics, and was administered Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide infusions over a three month period.

Within the three month period, all symptoms had all but ceased to exist. My bowel movements had returned to normal, my weight was on the rebound, I had renewed energy, was eating healthy, and had my life back!

My recovery was confirmed by sigmoidoscopy, performed by my specialist at the hospital. My colon lining, on a scale of 1-4 whereby 1 is normal, was assessed to be 1.5 from my initial score of 4 after just 2 months of Dr. Chow’s treatments. I am very thankful to her and naturopathic medicine.

William KiselbachNanaimo, Canada

I am a breast cancer patient, I had part of my breast removed surgically. Cancer came back for the second time, my body felt very tired, blood and urine results were not within normal ranges.

I didn't want to receive chemotherapy. I chose to see Dr. Chow. After receiving ozone (O3) and other treatments for about one year, I feel a big difference in my health condition. I have more energy and my appetite has improved greatly. Blood and urine results are back to normal. I never knew that this type of medicine will give me such a wonderful change in my life. Another treatment I had received in the year 2008 was rejuvenation therapy.

At Dr. Chow's clinic, she drew some blood from me, and proceeded with the platelet rich therapy. About one month after receiving the rejuvenation treatment, I noticed the fatigue that normally occurs when I travel has disappeared, I feel more energy at family gatherings. The neck pain that I suffered for many years doesn't seem to be there anymore. Even the root of my white hair has turned black. Many people had told me that my appearance is more youthful, and my muscle is amazingly firmer. This therapy is such a miracle, I really have to thank Dr. Chow. I hope that everyone can come to experience what I got from this therapy.

Xiao Yu LiBurnaby, Canada

My left knee was in constant severe pain when idle. Movement made the pain go away.

I did not sleep more than 15 minutes for 2 months. Dr. Chow gave me a prolozone shot.

I was pain free the next day and slept most of that evening. The pain came and went but not as severe for the next 2 weeks. More prolozone, next 2 weeks substantially better, more prolozone and now have great knees between annual shots.


At first my problem was pain back in 1990. Since 2005, I'm being treated after a cancer surgery.

Earlier it was pain treatment with massage and acupuncture. I received ozone treatment.

I'm now 73 yrs old. The cancer surgery was 2005 and with the ozone treatment, I feel as good as possible even though I lost my husband due to cancer 4 months ago.

Barbara S.Vancouver, Canada

I have angina, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis of my back, degenerative disc in the lower back, obesity, big black marks on my legs, asthma and sleep disorder. I was in hospital 3 times last year in 2009.

Dr. Chow treated me with ozone therapy, glutathione, and vitamins intravenously to get rid of the toxins in my blood and to increase oxygen in my body. She recommended healthy eating habits and prescribed nutritional supplements: oral chelation, adrenal support and liver detoxification, and ozone cream for my leg. She listened to my concerns with encouragement.

My blood was thick like tar when I first started and now with treatment, it is clear and healthy. I learn to drink lots of water and I have learned to eat healthy. I lost over 22 pounds and am more mobile and less sluggish with lots of energy. I was able to get off over half of the long list of medication that I was on.

I believe that Dr. Chow was born gifted and blessed by God with healing hands and spirit. She has a lot power, I’m not talking about power over people, but the power of knowing who she is and believing in the best of people, and accepting of others’ opinions regardless of race or culture. She is totally awesome. I truly believe I am alive today because of her. If I can afford more treatments, I will take it and trust my life in her hands.

Sharon MohamedVancouver, Canada

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Health Begins With Healthy Choices.

What We Offer

Naturopathic medicine is an alternative medicine that emphasizes the root cause of disease instead of just symptom management. Natural substances are used to stimulate the immune sybioactive, promote detoxification and restore any imbalances. To do so, an holistic approach which includes lifestyle management, clinical nutrition, and treatments are the common modalities performed by a naturopathic physician.

We offer a number of unique and very effective and beneficial therapies.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The human body is an amazing design with the blood carrying bioactive cells and growth factors from platelets ready to heal and regenerate every cell and tissue.

Platelet is a blood component that is famous for its blood clotting function. Now platelets is also known to be a rich reservoir of growth factors and bioactive protein. Clinical applications of PRP include arthritis, torn ligaments, sports injuries, tissue atrophy such as gum, urinary bladder.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is an energetic form of oxygen that promotes delivery of oxygen to the cells. It can stimulate the immune sybioactive, improve energy, fight infections and heal wounds. It is excellent for chronic viral infection such as herpes and hepatitis. Since cancer cells are often in an anaerobic state (low oxygen), according to the Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery in 1928, ozone therapy is very beneficial for cancer. It is also a very popular treatment at our clinic for clients who are interested in prevention and anti-aging.

Prolozone Therapy

It is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction and joint repair using direct injections of ozone and other natural substances (vitamins, autologous growth factors, etc). This is a good treatment for many different types of chronic pain, soft tissue damage and degenerated discs.

Chelation Treatment

It is a detoxification I.V. treatment that removes heavy metals and toxic substances from the body. It is effective in cardiovascular conditions and heavy metal toxicities.

Our Available Tests

A consultation will be conducted prior to any tests and/or treatments. In a 30 to 45 minutes visit, Dr. Chow will take a comprehensive medical history with an emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle profiles.

At the end of the consultation, Dr. Chow will either prescribe treatment or recommend assessments and tests to identify the root causes. The following are some of the tests that we offer at our clinic:

Health Equation Blood Test

It is a computerized analysis of 40 different parameters in the blood to identify individual deficiencies and imbalances which are often undetected by regular blood tests.

Blood Cell Elements & Urine Tests

It is a comprehensive assessment of cellular, tissular and sybioactiveic imbalances. This is ideal for chronic illnesses, precancerous screening as well as cancer monitoring.

Anti-Aging Hormone Test

We check hormones in the blood or saliva as a guide to prescribe bio-identical hormones, glandular therapy and growth factors injection.

Live Blood Analysis

It is a quality assessment of blood cells through a drop of blood that is magnified 1000 times under a darkfield microscope.

Additional Available Treatments

Dr. Chow's associates provide additional services that may also benefit your health and help achieve an overall wellness. A consultation will be conducted prior to any tests and/or treatments.

Dr. Darren Cielanga

Dr. Darren Cielanga, is a licensed Chiropractic Docotor in British Columbia, offering:

Chiropractic Treatment
Implements soft tissue work and excercise to enhance and sustain his adjustments.

Dr. Leona Lui

Dr. Leona Lui, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in British Columbia, offers unique treatment modalities such as:

• Bowen Therapy. Bowen therapy is a type of soft tissue treatment that relaxes the nervous system and muscle. It is great for stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle injury and tension, digestive problems as well as hormonal imbalance. It is a gentle but highly effective therapy that is well liked by patients including children and seniors.

• Acupuncture. Accupunture which is a type of traditional Chinese medical treatment that is effective for improving stamina and cognitive function, respiratory conditions, fertility, smoking cessation, weight loss and many more. Homeopathic medicine made of natural herbs and minerals are often incorporated into the acupuncture session to enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

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Check Out Some of Dr. Chow’s Published Articles Here.

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WE HAVE MOVED! Come visit us at our new location.

Our clinic is located in the beautiful Marine Gateway area in the city of Vancouver.

Our Contact

Suite 608, 450 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5X 0C3
Phone: (604)327-0021
Fax: (604) 327-0021

Monday-Tuesday: 9AM-5:30PM
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday-Friday: 9AM-5:30PM
Weekend & Public Holidays: Closed


The closest hotel to our clinic is on SE Marine Drive information below (between Chester Street and Fraser Street):

Quality Inn Airport
725 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V5X 2T9
(604) 321-6611
Miles from clinic: 2.3 km W

Ramada Hotel & Suites
3484 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5L6
(604) 433-8255
Miles from clinic 2.8 km NE

Hilton Hotel
6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7
(800) 445-8667
Miles from clinic: 4.3 E

If the above choices of hotels does not meet your satisfaction, simply click on the following link to search more accommodations: [Click here to see hotels on Google Map.]

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